My Collection - Carpets

Especially in the years 1963 until 1965, uncountable carpets had been offered in the USA with different motives. John F. Kennedy in front of the Capitol, at the lectern, together with his brother Robert F. Kennedy or with the black civil-rights activist Martin Luther-King. It was mainly bulk good, mostly manufactured in Italy especially in 1965 and sold on the USA market.

Besides the bulk good, there have been and still are high-quality products, for example my handmade carpet, showing an interesting and well done portrait of John F. Kennedy. The carpet has been manufactured probably around 1965 by an Afghan or Persian carpet weaver and was originally thought to be a gift for a US diplomat.

A real highlight is also the JFK rug with the president’s seal – on original replica from the one of the Oval Office at John F. Kennedy’s time.