William R. Rice Jr.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Peter Klages through a mutual friend. I immediately realized that Peter was a serious admirer of JFK and had amassed one of the finest collections of JFK memorabilia in the world. Peter Klages belongs to a special group of people who enjoy studying and preserving the memory of John F. Kennedy. Peter has received Kennedy's message to the world and in doing so, has picked up the torch that fell that November day in Dallas 53 years ago. I am pleased to say that Peter Klages is my friend and I am looking forward to sharing his friendship for many years to come. Upon seeing Peter's devotion and efforts I am reminded of something said by the Dali Lama years ago;

"To save the treasure for future generations and to preserve the need when their violent passions are spent".

It has been said that from the moment we are born we begin to die. I believe that we as humans are each gifted with a certain amount of sand from the hourglass of life. For sure, we do not all receive the same amount of sand, but we are faced with choices of what we do during that life time and those choices determine the value and worth of our life.
I have lived under the administration of thirteen Presidents of the United States during my lifetime and looking back only one stands above the rest.

Next year, on May 29th 2017 America and the World will celebrate the 100th birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I believe his memory has the vitality and vigor' today because of the substance, sincerity and vision of this very special President and World leader. He was a true ‘Peacemaker of Mankind.’ My wholehearted thanks to you Peter Klages, and all the others who make the effort to preserve the memory of the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
William R. Rice Jr.
Wilton Maine U.S.A.




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